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Antonio Alves


Coffee lover and researcher

Hi there, I’m known as Antonio Alves, ⁠ Coffee is my true obsession! Since forever, coffee has ⁠ been my jam. I grew up in Brazil, surrounded by those lush coffee plantations, and ⁠ man, the smell of those freshly roasted beans hooked me! ​

As I got older, my love ⁠ for coffee just kept growing. I dove into everything coffee-related-its source, roasting process, detailed brewing methods, ⁠ and interesting cultural practices associated with it across the globe. ​

Unable to contain my excitement,, Thus, I resolved to begin ⁠ a blog centered around the topic of coffee. A spot where I can reveal secrets, contribute my expertise, ⁠ and chill with other coffee enthusiasts like yourself! ​

At Coffee Hour, we’re gonna explore the full ⁠ coffee journey, from farm to cup. We’ll check out different coffee spots, get to know remarkable growers, and ⁠ indulge in brewing techniques that transform coffee into extraordinary elixir ⁠

However, hey, it’s not only ⁠ about the scientific things. Good vibes and fostering connections are also ⁠ central to the coffee experience. We should commemorate the fascinating coffee traditions from all corners of ⁠ the world whilst relishing in warm and delightful discussions. ​

Hence, enter my domain of aromatic coffees and camaraderie—where the fragrance ⁠ of newly made java combines with an amiable communal ambiance. Get your cup and join me for this thrilling expedition, and ⁠ together, savor every sip from the extraordinary coffee realm. Let’s celebrate the absolute ⁠ finest coffee experience! ‍

Coffe Hour