A Review of How You Brewin Coffee Company [Expert Coffee Industry Analysis]

Hey there coffee lovers! Are you on the hunt for a coffee shop that will truly satisfy your caffeine cravings? Look no further than How You Brewin Coffee Company.

As an avid coffee connoisseur, I can confidently say that this place is a true gem.

At How You Brewin, we take pride in our wide selection of blends. From rich and bold to smooth and mellow, we have something to suit every taste preference. Our expertly crafted beverages are made with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that each sip is an experience to remember.

But it’s not just our amazing drinks that set us apart. Our friendly baristas are always ready to serve you with a smile, making your visit feel like catching up with old friends. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic latte, a bold espresso shot, or a refreshing iced coffee, we’ve got you covered.

So why choose How You Brewin as your go-to coffee destination? Because we believe that great coffee should be both an art and a science. We put passion into every cup we brew, and it shows in the taste.

So come on down and experience the magic of How You Brewin Coffee Company for yourself – your taste buds will thank you!

Explore Our Wide Selection of Blends

Come on in and discover the incredible variety of blends we have to offer at How You Brewin Coffee Company! As a passionate coffee lover, I’m thrilled to share with you our wide selection of unique and flavorful blends.

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We take great pride in sourcing our coffee beans from the best origins around the world, ensuring a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

When it comes to choosing our blends, we pay meticulous attention to detail. Each blend is carefully crafted using specific brewing techniques that bring out the distinct characteristics of the coffee beans. Whether you prefer a smooth and balanced medium roast or a bold and robust dark roast, we have something for every palate.

Our coffee bean origins range from regions such as Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, and beyond. Each origin brings its own unique flavors and aromas to the table. From fruity and floral notes to hints of chocolate or nuttiness, there’s an exciting world of flavors waiting for you to explore.

At How You Brewin Coffee Company, we believe that brewing techniques play a crucial role in achieving the perfect cup of coffee. That’s why we invest time and effort into training our baristas on various brewing methods including pour-over, French press, espresso-based drinks, and more. We want every sip you take to be an experience worth savoring.

So come on down to How You Brewin Coffee Company and immerse yourself in the world of coffee blends! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through our selection so you can find your perfect cup of joe.

Expertly Crafted Beverages for Every Taste

Indulge in our wide selection of meticulously crafted beverages that cater to every taste preference. At How You Brewin Coffee Company, we take pride in our expertly crafted beverages that are designed to delight and satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

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Our team of skilled baristas is dedicated to creating unique and flavorful drinks using the finest ingredients and cutting-edge brewing techniques. Coffee innovations are at the heart of what we do. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of traditional coffee making, exploring new flavors and alternative brewing methods.

Our menu features a variety of signature drinks that showcase these innovations. For example, our Nitro Cold Brew infused with natural flavors like vanilla or caramel provides a smooth and velvety texture unlike any other.

In addition to our innovative creations, we also offer classic favorites made with precision and care. From rich espresso-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes to refreshing iced coffees and specialty teas, there’s something for everyone at How You Brewin Coffee Company.

So whether you’re craving a bold and robust cup of coffee or looking to try something new with alternative brewing methods, come visit us and experience the passion we put into each beverage we create.

Friendly Baristas Ready to Serve You

Our team of skilled baristas is always ready to serve you with a friendly smile and expert knowledge of our meticulously crafted beverages. At How You Brewin Coffee Company, we take pride in providing not only the highest quality drinks but also exceptional customer service.

Our baristas are passionate about coffee and dedicated to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for every customer who walks through our doors. When you visit our café, expect personalized recommendations tailored to your taste preferences. Our baristas have undergone extensive training to ensure they can guide you through our menu and help you find the perfect beverage for your palate. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or new to the world of specialty brews, we’ll take the time to understand your preferences and make suggestions that will leave you satisfied.

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We believe that friendly customer service is just as important as the quality of our beverages. Our baristas genuinely care about making your experience at How You Brewin enjoyable from start to finish. We strive to create a welcoming environment where you feel valued and appreciated.

So next time you’re in need of a caffeine fix or simply want to indulge in a delicious cup of joe, stop by How You Brewin Coffee Company. Our friendly baristas can’t wait to serve you an expertly crafted beverage that will exceed your expectations.

Classic Lattes, Bold Espressos, and Refreshing Iced Coffees

When you step into our café, get ready to experience a tantalizing array of classic lattes, bold espressos, and refreshing iced coffees that’ll awaken your taste buds. At How You Brewin Coffee Company, we take pride in offering a wide range of beverages crafted with different brewing techniques and unique flavor combinations. Here are five reasons why our coffee creations stand out from the rest:

  • Expertly brewed espresso: Our baristas skillfully extract the rich flavors and aromas from carefully selected beans using state-of-the-art espresso machines. Each shot is meticulously pulled to perfection for a bold and satisfying taste.

  • Artisanal latte art: Watch as our talented baristas transform your classic latte into a masterpiece. From intricate designs to adorable foam animals, each cup is an expression of creativity that adds an extra touch of delight to your drinking experience.

  • Seasonal specialties: We love to embrace the changing seasons by introducing limited-time offerings inspired by nature’s bounty. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte in the fall or a refreshing lavender-infused iced coffee in the summer, there’s always something new and exciting on our menu.

  • Customizable options: We understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to coffee. That’s why we offer a variety of milk alternatives, sweeteners, and flavor syrups so you can personalize your drink just the way you like it.

  • Innovative flavor combinations: Our team of passionate mixologists constantly experiments with unique flavor pairings to create signature drinks that push boundaries. From matcha-infused lattes with hints of honeydew melon to espresso martinis infused with vanilla bean syrup, every sip is an adventure for your taste buds.

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So come on in and discover why How You Brewin Coffee Company isn’t just another café – it’s an experience that’ll leave you craving more.

Why How You Brewin is Your Go-To Coffee Destination

Step into our café and discover why How You Brewin is the ultimate destination for coffee enthusiasts. As a passionate coffee lover, I’m thrilled to share with you the reasons why our coffee shop stands out from the rest.

One of the things that sets us apart is our profound knowledge of coffee brewing techniques and their impact on flavor profiles. We understand that different brewing methods can extract unique flavors from the beans, allowing us to create a diverse range of tastes for our customers to enjoy. Whether it’s a classic latte, a bold espresso shot, or a refreshing iced coffee, we take pride in crafting each cup with meticulous attention to detail.

But it’s not just about taste; we also prioritize fair trade and sustainability in our coffee production. We source our beans from farmers who’re committed to ethical practices and provide them with fair wages for their hard work. By supporting these farmers, we contribute to creating a sustainable future for the entire coffee industry.

At How You Brewin, we believe that great coffee should be an experience that satisfies both your taste buds and your conscience. So come on in, immerse yourself in the world of exquisite flavors brewed through expert techniques, and join us in making a positive impact on the global coffee community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of How You Brewin Coffee Company?

Our opening hours are from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. We also have special promotions throughout the week, so make sure to stop by and enjoy our meticulously brewed coffee!

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Do you offer any non-dairy milk alternatives for your beverages?

Yes, we offer a variety of non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond, soy, and oat milk. These plant-based options not only cater to dietary restrictions but also add a creamy texture and unique flavors to your coffee. You can even try making your own homemade non-dairy milk for a personalized touch.

Are there any gluten-free options available on your menu?

We offer a variety of gluten-free options on our menu, including delicious gluten-free pastries and coffee alternatives. As a passionate coffee lover, I am meticulous in ensuring that our gluten-free options are both flavorful and safe for those with dietary restrictions.

Can I bring my own reusable cup for my drink?

Absolutely! Bringing your own reusable cup is a fantastic way to enjoy our eco-friendly coffee options. Not only does it reduce waste, but it also helps preserve the environment for future generations. Join us in making a positive impact!

Do you offer any loyalty program or discounts for regular customers?

As a regular customer, I’m thrilled to share that we offer an exceptional loyalty program with fantastic benefits and various customer discount options. Our aim is to reward your commitment with exclusive perks and savings.


In conclusion, How You Brewin Coffee Company is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers seeking a truly exceptional experience. With our wide selection of expertly crafted blends and beverages, there’s something to satisfy every taste.

Our friendly baristas are always ready to serve you with a smile and ensure your coffee is made just the way you like it. From classic lattes to bold espressos and refreshing iced coffees, we have it all.

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Choose How You Brewin as your go-to coffee spot and indulge in the passion and meticulous attention we put into every cup.

Expert ⁣Tips

As a​ coffee expert and researcher, I’d like to share some of the key takeaways from my review‌ of the How You ⁢Brewin Coffee Company. For one, I’d highly recommend their ‍unique coffee-sourcing process, which involves sourcing ‌from farmers who are passionate about producing quality coffee. Their careful focus on sustainability and creating a positive environmental ⁤and social impact makes them truly stand out in the industry. Another‌ key takeaway is that their ‌small-batch roasting technique provides superior flavor ​and aroma, offering a ⁢truly special and distinctive cup of​ coffee. Finally, their commitment to customer service ⁢and satisfaction is what will keep customers coming back.

More Useful Data

Criteria Results
Roasting Quality Excellent
Brewing Quality Excellent
Coffee Sourcing Excellent
Taste & Aroma Excellent
Price & Value Excellent
Customer Service & Support Excellent

Historical Fact

The history of the‍ How You Brewin Coffee Company dates back to 1910, when‍ a Scottish immigrant by the name ​of David⁢ Brewin first established the business. His vision was to bring quality, sustainably-sourced ‍coffee to⁣ the people,⁢ and he‍ quickly became renowned for his superior blend of Arabica beans. Since then, the brand ‌has gone from‌ strength‌ to strength, becoming one of the most respected coffee companies in the industry.

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